New Product Line Announcement: Suspenz Kayak/Canoe/SUP Storage Racks and Accessories

“How should I store this kayak/sup/canoe?!”

Often times the start of a kayak purchase is for people to make sure they have “room” in their lives for a kayak. So, if your store’s experiences have been like mine than before you start talking about “performance” and “stability” of the craft, you have to tackle how the customer can store their kayak within their given limitations. We are thrilled to add Suspenz Kayak/Canoe/SUP Storage racks to our line-up to help protect your customer’s investments. If you are looking for in-store display racks, Suspenz has some great options for 2-6 boats/sups/canoes. Product ships from Sacramento CA so for we can ship for less and faster than any other rack systems on the market.

Power Point presentation on Suspenz–Suspenz Product Presentation Power Point

Catalog, pricing, order forms and applications are available at the Resource Page (click)

Suspenz EZ Rack