Emotion Kayaks 2015

The big news this year is that all production and shipments will originate from Utah for all models, including models that previously were previously made in Wisconsin. This now makes ordering much easier and will maximize freight! (see new order form at dealer resource page).

The new models from last year have now resonated in the marketplace and have some strong fans. Spitifire 12t, Temptation/Stealth 11 and Guster and Darter have all become cornerstones in our line-up for 2015. The skeg wheel on the Temptation 11/Stealth 11/Spitfire 12t seems to be one of the leading features driving consumer interest. The wheel/stern guard is replaceable should it ever be worn down and offers a lot of tracking with an aggressive purchase into the water.

One of Emotion’s focus is to be a leaders in the category of entry level affordable kayak fishing models. Take a peak at all of our offerings…