Pau Hana Surf Supply 2016

Introducing THE Game Changer! Ricochet Technology. Richochet is a new impact resistant embedded polymer that will protect your composite board from rocks, paddles and striking blows. The specially formulated polymer replaces traditional gel/resin skins and is embedded into the fiberglass construction of the board. In the end, you have a board that looks and feels just like a traditional glass board but does not have the fragile skin of every other board on the market. The search is over! The perfect rental board!


Check out how many hits this thing took! And these were just the ones we were able to count when the booth wasn’t slammed!

We have a great new program for Rental/Outfitting to help you get started with Pau Hana Ricochet. Check it out here:

2015-08-07 12.22.46

Pau Hana has updated several of our boars graphics, deck pads and features:

*New “Step Bridge” deck mats on the Cadence(s), Mini-Sport and Vapors. This lighter deck mat gives teh paddler reference as they move to the stern for kick turns but without the added weight of a full mat.

*Lotus board now has integrated yoga mat that can also receive an additional post-market mat installed on top of it for double comfort.

*Mini-Sport features a wider tail for increased stability and capacity. This new design was influenced from our Vapor race series and allows for increased stability without a loss of efficiency and speed.

*New deck mat on Big EZ series. Striped for reference and style.

Check out the new graphics in the gallery below:

I’m loving our new Catalog. It will be a great tool for you and your customers: