Ocean Lineage and Vamo: SUP and Kayak accessory best sellers

I’m happy to be partnered up with Ocean Lineage/Vamo from Reno NV. I was sold on the fact that they have all the little accessories that your customers come looking for to customize their SUP or Kayak. Great rental items that will fly off the shelves during the busy season. Ocean Lineage can ship fast from Reno to your store so you can really run these orders and inventory tight. This allows you to try items out with each little order. These are the products your customers will snap up on their second or third visit to your store after they bought a watercraft from you. It is keen to have things that keep your customers checking in with your shop to see what is new. The incremental sales will add to your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Check out the Ocean Lineage Line and our In-house Brand Vamo Here:


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Here are some of my favorite items that you might consider as a starting point.