Special Ordering an Eddyline with REI

Can you order an Eddyline in a color different than they assort on REI.com? Yes! We do it all the time and some of the REI’s are quite efficient at it. Other REI locations may be hesitant because of their experience with other kayak vendors. Rest assured, we aren’t other kayak vendors. Which is one of the reasons you want an Eddyline in the first place!

Check out this video talking you through the process:


  1. Go to the paddlesports department in REI or go/call the “special orders” desk at your local REI.
  2. Say you would like to special order an Eddyline in a color other than they assort on REI.com and that all those options are available on REI’s “Snaplink Software” (This is the name of their special order program on their computers that I have had staff describe to me).
  3. They will find the option you are looking for and the price will be our MSRP plus a freight charge to the store.
  4. Be aware that sale promotions don’t often apply to special orders. Also, options like rudder installs are also not offered at this time. Best find an independent retailer to help with more complex special orders.
  5. The order gets sent to Eddyline and we respond to confirm and give a general ETA at that time. During off-peak months, wait times can be around 3 weeks to build the kayak plus freight time. During busy times of our year, wait times can be longer. You can also email me at ejebersold@gmail.com or call 503.572.3848 to get lead time estimates and any questions you may have answered.

Thanks for choosing Eddyline!