What have you done for me lately?


Was reading this article about what a pet store owner should ask their reps/companies they work with before bringing in the line:


It’s something I hope to think about for your store. “How can I help you sell this product once it is in your store”

In the past, it was the all-in gamble for a “demo day”. Fun to do…but effective? Not really this year. Seems most new paddlers are doing their “research” in a different way now. Online, friends and then rental/demo. The big demo day may feel too much like a Tupperware party? Or maybe it is too sales oriented or too crowded? What about gambling all your marketing dollars on a one day event and then…RAIN!?

After this year, it’s time to pivot the efforts of our agency to deliverables that work day after day, all season:

* We work to train your staff for you heavily and then they are better every day at communicating to potential buyers. We do this in person when possible but let’s go virtual and do more frequently with less payroll expense. Quick 15-30 minute Google Meet sessions where I’m in the Happy Paddlin’ barn with all the goodies and your staff can log in at home without having to come in and incur the added payroll of a shift and all the distractions that happen in store. We cover something quickly in a bite-size portion that is manageable. One hour before-open or after-hour clinics often come with tired staff and the bustle of the day.


* Our efforts at creating vids, blogs and posts that inspire and drive the consumer to your door. Work with you and your store to make your own or share ours to use on your channels. 

*Vendor created marketing campaigns and digital content given to you so you can tell the story better on your site and in store.

*Direct interested buyers earned through our channels right to you via owners groups, IG, FB. We hang out in this digital space and build relationships with the customer directly and then refer them to your store.

*Work with your store and staff to create “hook set experiences”. Events like social paddles, sunrise/sunset, full moon, overnighters. These events are better than a pony ride day because they are authentic experiences that bring in prospective buyers but also your latest paddlers who already bought (the last 2 years made lots of them). For your new customers who have already purchased, these types of experiences are great stepping stones to meeting more paddlers and making paddling part of their story telling at work the next week! They bought the boat, now we have to show them the fun! 

If the pandemic taught us all one thing, it is that we have to be nimble and ready to adjust. Now is the time to really pull our community in tight and build more excitement for all our new boat buyers. Staff has been busy taking orders but now they’ll have to get back to selling! Look forward to sharing my ideas to help you sell our shared brands for 2023!


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