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Welcome to the Northstar Canoe West Coast Distribution Home Page. We bring several loads of Northstars to the dealer network out West (see incoming orders, current inventory and A LOT of info below) and support through demoes and events. We love these canoes and love to share the Northstar Experience. I’ve been paddling Ted Bell/Yost designed canoes since 1996. Just give an email or a call and let’s talk canoes! It is not just about specs and weights. There is a feel to every canoe in the line and I can help shed light and help you ask the right questions to guide you to the right choice.

If you have questions or would like to learn more and be notified of opportunities to paddle and order Northstar Canoes please complete contact form:

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Canoes are the ultimate Family and Social Craft!

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2020 Fall Order Placing by July 15th 2020, shipping late October 2020. (33/35 total canoes below)

1 Polaris WhiteGold Red WD Trim KT -SOLD Tumalo Creek
1 Polaris StarLite WD Trim KT
1 Polaris BlackLite WD KT Internal Skids
1 Polaris StarLite E6 KT SOLD PO Morton
1 Polaris BlackLite E6 KT Internal Skids SOLD Tumalo Creek

2 Northwind 16 StarLite AL KT BOTH SOLD Kents

2 Northwind 16 StarLite AL KT BOTH SOLD ALDER CREEK

1 Northwind 16 StarLite WD KT SOLD Tumalo Creek

1 Northwind 16 StarLite WD KT SOLD Jefferson State Adv Hub

1 Northwind 16 StarLite WD KT

2 Northwind 16 StarLite AL KT

1 Northwind 16 BlackLite WD KT SOLD ALDER CREEK

1 Northwind 17 StarLite AL KT SOLD ALDER CREEK
1 Northwind 17 BlackLIte WD KT SOLD ALDER CREEK

1 Northwind 17 StarLite Wood Trim KT SOLD Jefferson State Adv Hub

1 Northwind 17 BlackLite Wood Trim KT SOLD Jefferson State Adv Hub

1 Northwind 17 BlackLite WD KT

1 Northwind Solo BlackLite E6 KD Internal Skids

2 Northwind Solo BlackLite WD KD Internal Skids 1 of 2 SOLD Tumalo Creek

1 Northwind Solo StarLite E6 KD
1 Northwind Solo BlackLite E6 KD

1 Trillium StarLite E6 KD
1 Trillium BlackLite WD KD Internal Skids

1 Phoenix IXP Alum WW Eyelets KD

1 Phoenix IXP Alum WW Eyelets KD

Special Orders:

1 Northwind 20 BlackLite, Additional Bow and Stern Center Seats (total of 4 seats), Internal Skids, Stem Tie Downs, Alum Footbrace (stern). 2 Trapazoid Pads, Clamp on CVCA Yoke Pads. SOLD PO Conway

1 Northwind 16 StarLite Alum Trim Internal Skid Plates SOLD PO Wes Alder Creek

1 ADK Solo BlackLite Alum Trim SOLD Alder Creek 

1 Northwind 17 BlackLite E6 Internal Skids SOLD PO Schuh

Current Inventory in Bend Oregon Warehouse:

Solo Canoes (5):

Phoenix WhiteGold Wood Trim Spruce Green (kneeling position, can be changed) $2595.00 SALE $2295 

1 Northwind Solo IXP Wood Trim Sit/Kneel (combination position) Seat $2895.00 Not for sale at this time


1 Trillium StarLite E6 Carbon Trim Combi drops $2995.00 Demo Model Not for sale

1 Firebird StarLite Wood Kneeling Drops $2895.00

Tandem Canoes (3):

1 Polaris StarLite Alum Trim Kneeling Thwart $2950

In Current Demo and Used Inventory Bend OR (5):

B17 IXP Alum Trim WW Eyelets Demo/Used $2490.00

Trillium StarLite E6 Carbon Trim  Demo

Northwind Solo IXP Wood Trim Demo

Magic BlackLite Wood Trim Alum Footbrace Demo/Used $2850.00

ADK Solo StarLite Alum Trim Demo/Used $1400 Sold to my 9 year old but he might let you try it.


Bell Canoe Works Wildfire BlackGold Wood Trim: Great condition $2100 OBO

Bell Canoe Works BlackGold FlashFire Wood Trim: Mint Condition $2100 OBO

Price Sheet (click below image to enlarge to full size). Dealers also often charge destination charge/Freight. These prices below do not include Freight charges. Freight is often $150-$250/canoe. Call your dealer to determine your actual freight rate.

*KT: Kneeling Thwart $60.00 Upgrade

BUY HERE: Western US Northstar Canoe Retailers:

Sequim Canoe & Kayak
213 E. Washington Street Suite #3
Sequim, WA 98382
(360) 912-5729
Instagram: @sequimkayak

Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe (Portland OR) 

Kent’s Canoe and Kayak (Spokane WA) 509-328-0239

Kent’s Inventory as of 6.3.2020:

Solo Northwind solo  StarLite alum trim alum footbrace


1    Northwind 16 WhiteGold Spruce WD Trim KT

1    Northwind 16 StarLite AL Trim KT

4   Northwind 16 StarLite WD Trim KT

1    Northwind 16 BlackLite AL Trim KT

1    Northwind 16 BlackLite WD Trim KT

1    Northwind 17 WhiteGold Spruce AL Trim

1    Northwind 17 WhiteGold Almond AL Trim

2    Northwind 17 StarLite AL Trim KT

4    Northwind 17 StarLite WD Trim KT

1 B16 IXP Alum Trim

1 B17 IXP Alum Trim

Headwaters Kayak (Lodi CA)

Back of Beyond Winslow WA (Bainbridge Island)

Ebersold Distribution (Bend OR) 503.572.3848 (the distributor to all these dealers)

Canoe Deposit Payment Link

Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe

Northern Lights Rivers Lakes and Ocean/The Barn (Bozeman MT and Kalispell MT)

Inventory at Northern Lights as of 5.27.20:

IXP Phoenix w eyelets
NW 16 Starlite silver
Polaris Starlite Alum
NW solo Blacklite E6
NW 16 Blacklite wood
B16 IXP Alum w eyelets
B17 IXP Alum w eyelets

Trailhead Missoula MT

Jefferson State Adventure Hub Redding CA  (530) 768-5055

Please also don’t hesitate to call or email Ethan, who loves talking anything canoes, directly at 503.572.3848 or email

Introducing Private Northstar On-Water Tutorial and Demonstration: 2 Hours $100.00

Click Here to Buy

Requested by several aspiring owners, we’ve created the most catered experience for trying a Northstar Canoe. Give us a list of models you are interested in and we’ll make our fleet available in our hometown of Bend OR. Make a weekend of it and come visit Central Oregon! (travel available upon request and additional cost).

We’ll work with you out on the water to show you some hints and skills that will improve your analysis and take advantage of these great designs. Think of it as a big yummy burrito of Class/Outing/Guiding/Tour with the finest canoes available. No crowds. Just Ethan and you (and paddling partner) in one of the most beautiful paddling towns in the West.

  • Any of the Northstars in our demo fleet: Polaris, Northwind 16/17, Magic, Northwind Solo, Trillium Solo, Phoenix Solo, ADK Solo
  • Use and demo of Bending Branches line-up of paddles. You’ll try paddles that are hard to find in western retailers and even some of our personal favorites from Bending Branches and others. Learn the best size and blade for your personal style.
  • PFDs by Stohlquist WaterWear– paddle wear also available for your comfort.
  • Assistance and consultation to help in the purchase of your new Northstar should you fall in love!
  • Call 503.572.3848 or email Ethan at to find a time that works best.
  • Once date and time determined use payment link:

Learn more about the new IXP Lamination HERE.

Educational Videos and Learning about Northstar Canoes

Thanks to Headwaters Kayak for the vids. Check them out and learn more about Northstar Canoes at:


What is the deal with Northstar Canoes?

5/28/20 from Mike:

 I just purchased a Northstar Phoenix IXP thru Ethan Ebersold (Happy Paddlin) and could not be more pleased with the canoe or Ethan. He was laser focused on matching me up with the right canoe and configuration – making helpful recommendations and being responsive at every turn. Seldom does one run into an individual that provides competive pricing, looks after the customer’s best interest, and then overdelivers in the service and support end. That’s Ethan. I would highly recommend Ethan to any level of paddler.

I think this email I received from a recent purchase of a Northwind 16 Starlight Wood Trim w/ Kneeling thwart sums it all up:

“Ethan: In approximate order from mission-critical to mission-perfected, here are impressions of our first paddle in our Northstar Northwind 16, StarLite, wood trim (after having spent an enjoyable summer in the same boat with aluminum trim and white gold layup and the year before that in a much heavier, older canoe):
1. It floats.
2. It does not leak.
3. The wood trim is comfortable when a leg leans against it or a hand touches it while paddling.
4. It is fast and very responsive.
5. The sense of secondary stability in a Northwind 16 is incredible — like the difference between a ski that knows how to arc a fast turn and one that doesn’t have a clue.
6. The lower weight isn’t just easier to carry — I believe we also feel it on the water in responsiveness.
7. Very subjective, but it seems like the wood trim gives the boat a more natural feel for the water.  I don’t know what that means, but I am pretty sure it is true.
8. The bow and stern decks are stunning.  For example, for the bow paddler, it’s hard to see the point of taking a picture of the river without having the bow deck included. “Photobomb” design, I would say.
9. While we will be storing this (with care) outside, I am half tempted to hang it from the ceiling in our living room as art.
10.Despite its gorgeous looks, the whole package just screams “Stop staring and get me onto the waternow!”  That’s why we played hooky from work yesterday and did so!”

Here is another more simply put testimonial with picture from Fall ’16:

“What could be better than this? I love my canoes!” (Nwind 17 white gold, Magic Starlite)


“The Seamline”

Your Northstar canoe is not made in two pieces. The seam line is simply showing the process of how they build this canoe. Essentially the seam line is the bellybutton of a Northstar canoe that has high shoulder tumblehome. 

All canoes with aggressive high shoulder tumblehome have to be built in a two-piece mold. This means that they laminate the kevlar/carbon/glass/resin materials into the mold (all one piece) and after the boat has cured, the mold has to open up to remove the canoe.

Northstar uses a thin seam tape to cover the seam in the mold so that resin doesn’t leak through this crack. A finished Northstar canoe tells the story line similar to how a fossil tells the reflection of an animal that rested against the now fossilized material. There is no structural downfall to this feature. It is essentially just a different texture because the seam line tape texture is different than the rest of the fiberglass mold’s texture. Northstar Canoe’s are hand built and reflect the process of how these craftsman have developed the process. Hopefully you’ll come to appreciate this little feature that tells a wonderful story and offers unmatched performance. I find it kinda unique and cute like a belly button. 


This canoe mold has two parting lines.My Bell Northshore with two seamlines

Want to learn more about this “seamline”? Here is a such a great write-up from Northstar Canoe’s Bear Paulson (who is a Canoe Voyager in every sense of the term):

“Let me explain why our boats have a seam line. There are a couple ways to build the seating area of a solo canoe. Historically solo canoes were built with tumblehome in the center. The original Bell Canoes, built 25 years ago were built with tumblehome – these boats – the original Merlin, Traveller, etc, have been long since retired. Tumblehome means that the widest part of the canoe is only a couple inches above the waterline. From that point the canoe gets narrower up to the gunwales – it tumbles home. Tumblehome allows a canoe to be made wide enough at the waterline to have good initial stability and carrying capacity, while also being narrow enough at the gunwales so that the paddler doesn’t have to reach over a wide canoe or bang their hands on the gunwales. Sounds great, right? The problem with it is two-fold. First, when a wave hits the side of a canoe with tumblehome, the water tumbles home – it follows the tumblehome right into your lap – it makes for a wet canoe. Second, having the canoe begin narrowing just above the waterline creates a canoe with poor secondary stability. The best way to create secondary stability is by flaring the canoe all the way to the gunwales. The most stable canoes are those that constantly flare – they keep getting wider. This is because when leaned over due to rough conditions a canoe with flare keeps getting wider, more stable and therefore more resistant to capsize. The rougher the conditions the more stable a flared canoe becomes.

For years designers knew tumblehome wasn’t the perfect solution for solo canoes, but they couldn’t come up with anything better. Then David Yost and Bell Canoe created shouldered flare. Every Bell built since ~1995 and every Northstar that can be paddled solo is built with shouldered flare. Shouldered flare creates the driest solo canoes available. This is because the flare is carried almost to the gunwales. The widest part of one of our canoes with shouldered flare is right where the shoulder begins. If you look at one of our shouldered canoes from the bow or stern, the last few inches below the gunwale look like the profile of a human shoulder (very from front or back, the gunwale being a couple inches up your neck). Effectively what we managed to do is create a canoe with the benefits of both flare (dry, great secondary stability) and tumblehome (comfortable to paddle).

Now, on to your specific question. Canoes with shouldered flare require a complicated and expensive two piece mold. We build canoes in female molds. Prior to building the canoe we put clay in the seam between the two halves of the mold. When it’s time to remove the canoe from the mold, a canoe with shouldered flare requires the mold to be separated to get the canoe out. We build the canoe in one piece and then separate the mold to remove it, because it’s such a complex shape. The seam line that you see and Ethan referred to is the result of the clay and the two piece mold. Think of the seam line as a mark of the most advanced canoe design available.

Lastly, for many years at Bell we built molds with longitudinal seams – running the length of the keel line. Then we came up with transverse seams – splitting the mold across the width of the canoe. The two advantages to transverse seams became readily apparent. First, the seam line on a solo canoe is about 5 ft long, instead of 17 ft. Second, as we built new molds in the last few years of Bell in Minnesota, we noticed that our oldest molds with longitudinal seams had sagged very slightly. In essence the canoes were getting less arched, flatter, as the molds sagged. Molds with 17 ft seams created weakness that allowed the mold to slightly sag. Going to a transverse seam made for molds with much greater structure, no chance of sagging. That allows us to produce consistent canoe throughout the life of a mold.
Thank you for choosing a Northstar. There’s a few reasons paddlers love our solo canoes and one of those is shouldered flare.”

Here is a picture of the 2 piece mold discussed above. You can see where the seam line is created from the tape/clay placement within the mold when building the high shouldered models:

2 piece mold pic