Aquabound Bent Shaft Whiskey and Tango

Can’t believe Aquabound was able to get the all carbon version of this new paddle down to 25.5 oz! Just take a peak at the weights of other bents out there and you will be impressed.

Here are some initial pics of a Whiskey Bent on the Sacramento River near Redding CA. Just a few days before the entire town of Redding almost burst into flames!

My impressions: Paddle diameter is perfect. Large enough to not require tight gripping but small enough to allow for easy indexing. The shape of the oval’d grip area is subtle. The shaft is polished. Smooth and comfy on the hands. The texture shafts featured in the straight shaft offer the other option. Pretty excited to have both “feelings” now.

Features the Posi-Lok Ferrule for 15 degree adjustment.

Carbon Tango or Whiskey Bent: $474.95 msrp

Fiberglass Tango or Whiskey Bent: $399.95 msrp




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